This Bird Doesn't Sing, She Hooks It!

Katiebird Lane - Hand Crochet in the USA

Hand Crocheted in the USA - New Shawls for Fall 2014
Lace Shawl Echo Colorway by Katiebird Lane
Fashion Yarn Mashup? Meet Katiebird Lane!

Katiebird is a master with the crochet hook but it's an eye for fashion that really takes her work to the top shelf.. The colors, the soft look of the yarns, they catch your eye and beg you to touch. They just look fun to wear.

As one of our best-selling members, Katiebird Lane's products are usually one-of-a-kind. This means if think you want one, don't wait. They sell quickly. The shawls from Katiebird Lane also make fantastic gifts. Anyone would love to receive one of these!

As with all our products, Katiebird Lane's products are Made by Hand in the USA.

For more, please visit Katiebird Lane at HandmadeCatalog.

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