Member Spotlight: Turn of the Century

Whenever a new crafter joins our site, I like to showcase their work here. A returning member is even more fun to write about. We are so happy to have this fine artist back in our catalog.

While he was gone, he took his craft to a new level!

Meet John Flynn and his family operated company, Turn of the Century.

John has created a multitude of fantastic handmade creations. Everyone single one would make a great gift. Be sure to visit his webpage for details of their 13-stage process which is needed to create these very usable works of art. Pictured here are few of my favorites:

 Deluxe Razor and Stand - Custom work by Turn of the Century
Mach 3 razor and stand is solidly built for durability. This beautiful piece will be appreciated by anyone. Tru-Stone bodies are 85% gemstone bonded with resin for extreme durability. This carefully crafted handle and body goes through our rigorous 13 stage finish.

Hand Crafted Wooden Bowls by Turn of the Century
Tycoon Pen - Custom Pens by Turn of the Century
Tycoon Rollerball Custom Pens by Turn of the Century
Custom Cast Wine Bottle Stoppers
Beautiful Wine Bottle Stoppers by Turn of the Century

As you can see, we are talking high-quality handmade products. And there are made right here in the USA. 

I am sure we will see more of John's wonderful creations here soon. 

Remember, these and all the creations in our catalog would not be possible if creative people didn't work so hard at making them. Please support their efforts and keep the handmade tradition alive by purchasing handmade products whenever you can. 

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