Thursday, September 11, 2014

USA Crafts Map for Americans that Sell Their Hand-Works

 Made In America By HandA push is on to shop local in America. We realize the value in cutting transportation costs and farm to table ideas are starting to take shape. We also help our neighbors when we shop local and buy American made products. Between technology and outsourcing and a slow economy, it is more important than ever to buy locally made items whenever you can.

In support of local shopping we have created USA Crafts Map by HandmadeCatalog.

To start the map off, I have included some of the professional craft businesses from and they have already received some orders from it. It appears that the local shopping trend is really catching on!

You don't have to a be a member of HandmadeCatalog to be on the map. Put your business on the map for free as long as you live in the USA and your products are made by hand.

Let's get local and have a crafty nation!
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