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The Embossing Technique for Card Making and Scrapbooking Crafts by JOHN ROZER

By gifting a handmade card or a scrapbook one can easily bring a smile on their face. Most people prefer these priceless craft items than any expensive gifts, as they reflect the care of the person. A card is a way to send some messages or greetings on special occasions. While scrapbooking is a colorfully decorated book which includes all the wonderful memories of one’s life in form of photographs, articles or other valued items. These crafts not only are a way to show one’s affection but also enhance the creativity.
Today scrapbooking and handmade cards are a popular home based business which is mostly run by women, who once took it as their hobby. For this very reason the craft material industry is also reaping huge profit. Thus many different techniques are being used so as to make them look more unique and beautiful.

One of very popular technique used in Card Making and Scrapbooking Crafts is embossing. Embossing is basically is the art of making a raised and glittery effect on cards or scrap books. The commonly used items for this method is ink pad, stamps and most importantly heating guns. The heat guns generally melt the embossing crystals and coats the paper, giving a very unique decorative effect on the products. The scrapbook and card making enthusiasts take great pleasure in using this technique as it takes up their creativity to a high level.
This popular method of embossing is very easy and beginners can easily do it with a little guidance. The embossing powders are first spread on the card stocks, which are stamped with special inks that holds the dust on place. These special types of ink can be either stamped or patted with a sponge on the paper. Different colored embossing powders are used separately or together, which are melted with the help of the heat gun, giving a shiny effect. The clear or colored emboss dusts are used so as attain a very unique look. Even to get different shapes or effects designer stencils are used. By using deep embossing is a great way to create 3D words.
All craft shops or online stores now sell different variety of embossing dusts in various colors. The metallic powders like silver, bronze, copper or gold are very popular as they give a very glittery as well as jazzy look. Even many matte finish dusts are also available which give a subtle yet wonderful effect.
Thus experimenting with different patterns and colors brings out the creativity of the craft enthusiasts. The best part of this method is that one will not know what the result will be, as the powders will melt and come to life.

John Rozer is an article writer for many popular websites. As writing is his passion he loves to write on different kinds of subjects after conducting a lot of research on it.He has written some very delightful articles on card making and scrapbooking crafts.

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