Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sell More Crafts with Business Cards

Do you remember your first business card? 

You were so happy to be "someone" you handed your card to almost everyone that would take it. Then a few weeks later, the novelty wore off and your business cards only came out when someone asked for them. Or perhaps you are new in business and think that you don't need business cards as everything is digital these days. Business cards are a necessity for all businesses, even in the digital age.

But they only work if you get them out there.

I recently received an order of handmade goods and the seller included a very attractive business card with the invoice. I tacked her card to my bulletin board and now I think of her, her business and her products on a daily basis. I cannot think of a better, longer lasting form of advertising.

Back in the nineties, I attending a Tommy Hopkins (Sales Trainer) technique seminar where he told a story of including his real estate business card in every monthly bill he mailed including the utility companies. One day he sold a home to the mail clerk at the electric company. People hang on to business cards for a long time!

You can buy cards for your crafts business from so many companies online. VistaPrint is a good source, it is easy to use, cost effective and the cards arrive pretty quickly. Since you are in the crafts business, you might want to create your own business cards. This is fun and there are tons of programs to help you but it can get expensive depending on the card stock you have to keep buying. Be sure to include your online address so people can shop online from you.

Once you have your crafts business cards, don't be afraid to hand them out. Make sure the girls at the nail salon all have your card. Give some extras to your friends and ask them to hand them out. Stick them on bulletin boards in grocery stores, laundry mats, beauty shops and other locations in your neighborhood. Drop some off a small diners and other small businesses. Be a guest speaker at the women's club and hand a card to all the members. Keep handing them out and your crafts business will keep growing!

Truly, the business card is still a strong tool in your marketing plan. So please don't just leave them in drawer!

Happy Crafting!

Pam Wylie
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