Thursday, September 26, 2013

Adorable Bibs make Great Handmade Baby Shower Gifts

A baby on the way? Baby Shower invitation just arrived? Need a baby shower gift that won't break your budget? If you are looking for some adorable and affordable baby shower gifts then keep reading. Our catalog contains hundreds of handmade baby shower gifts just for this occasion.

Bibs are always a welcome baby shower gift as a new mom can never have enough bibs on hand. We have many hand-sewn baby bibs such as the Checkers Baby Bib and the Bunny Baby Big. Both are hand-sewn, very unique and are under $5.00 each:
Handmade Baby Shower Gifts - Hand-sewn Bunny Baby Bib
Bunny Baby Bib, hand-sewn by Sally Spring Only $3.00 

Shop for handmade baby shower gifts like this Checkers baby bib which is hand-sewn by Sally Spring and is available at for only $3.00
Checkers Baby Bib by Sally Spring Only $3.00 

One more very interesting baby big is this Heirloom Baby Bib that has been crocheted by hand:

Handmade Baby Shower Gifts including this Heirloom Bib are available at
Heirloom Baby Bib - Hand Crocheted Only $15.00
Almost all of our handmade baby shower gifts can be personalized. Find one you like and just let us know if you would like custom colors, custom sizes and your personalizations. 

We also carry many different baby shower gifts - but that is another story.
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