Thursday, May 16, 2013

Do Your Wedding the Handmade Way

As a young girl my dream wedding involved knights in shining armor, white horses and beautiful velvet gowns. The dream never faded and when the time came to tie the knot, the urge surfaced hard and we threw ourselves a mid-evil wedding. 

Okay, we had help, the Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas had just opened and we let them handle the ceremony  We and invited family and friends from all over the county, but you could not come to the wedding if you were not in a medieval costume too. If was a lot of fun and over 50 people showed up in full gala, the pictures are amazing!

Being a true arts and crafts nut, I talked my fiance into helping me make our own invitations to carry off the theme. I learned he does wonderful calligraphy and is quite the artist! We had so much fun creating the invites, we then made matching centerpieces and wedding favors. I recently have learned this twenty-some years later that several of our wedding guests still have their favors and invites, stating they were the most special wedding invitations ever. Go figure.

If you are looking for memorable wedding ideas here are a few hand picked, handmade wedding gifts and accessories to help you have the most unforgettable wedding ever! Most of these can be custom made with your photos or theme!

Wedding Favors, handmade and customized for your wedding, these camera cases will hold the disposable cameras we see as wedding favors. Great wedding idea!
Handmade Wedding Favors. Custom Made, Photo Cases for Disposable Cameras
Handmade White Lace Wedding Photo Albums
Custom, Handmade Wedding Candles
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Wishing you a Happy & Crafty Wedding,

Pam Wylie

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