Monday, May 13, 2013

Unusual Gifts for Baby Showers

Two Unusual Gifts for Expectant Mothers

It may seem your pregnancy lasts forever but we all know that the baby is here before you are ready and then life moves into fast forward and is never the same (in a good way). When your babies are grown you do a lot of reflection and by the time you are a grandmother, you realize the wonderful memories could use a little help coming to the surface of your brain and wish you had saved more mementos from those early days of your life.

If you are looking for a unusual gifts for someone you love that is expecting here are two handmade gifts that will become heirlooms for sure. And don’t worry about duplicate gifts at the baby shower, these are very rare too.

These two unusual baby shower gifts come from New Moon Craftworks and are available for sale for only $30.00 each. For personalization information contact

Stained Glass Mother To Be is made of wispy blue glass. It is an original design of the motherhood series. It can be made in other colors upon request.
it is 6 1/2"H X 2" W and is shipped insured. Mark your loved ones pregnancy with this wonderful piece.

This mother and infant stained glass piece makes an excellent gift for any mother for any occasion. It is 6 3/4 "h x 2" w and weights 4 ounces. It is an original design. This piece can be requested in different colors.

Please browse our catalog of handmade baby shower gifts for more gift ideas.

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