Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top 5 Thanksgiving Day Crafts for Kids

When I say I am a life long crafter, I'm serious. Some of my earliest craft memories are in preparation for the holidays. When you are a kid, it seems to take for ever to get through the Thanksgiving weekend and start the official kid's countdown to the big day. So you say you have some little ones that are experiencing their own angst while waiting? I've scoured the net and found my personal top 5 favorite Thanksgiving Day crafts for kids and listed them here. Their score is based on their ease, minimal amount of supplies and overall fun for both the instructors and the young crafters in training:

Number 5:  Turkey Place Cards 
If you are hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner, then you and your kid can make Thanksgiving Place Cards. Some card stock works best but you can use any paper or cardboard medium you have around that will fold in half and stand up. Find some pictures of turkeys, fall leaves, pumpkins and other autumn related pictures in magazines or even grocery store flyers. Cut them out, arrange and paste them on the place cards, write the guests name and you are done! Set them on the table and everyone knows exactly where to sit. My favorite example of Thanksgiving Place Card Crafts with instructions is from AmazingMoms.com

Number 4: Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey
This is an old favorite from kindergarten, a real classic and super easy to make. You will need some brown paint, paper plates, glue or paste and some colored construction paper. Basically you paint the plate brown, cut out colored feathers and glue to the back of the plate. Draw a cute face to finish. A great example of the Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey Craft is available to Allkidsnetwork.com

Number 3: The Pine Cone Turkey
Easy and fun for all, basically you glue a face on the end of a pine cone and add  colorful feather to the rear. Get the pine cones from your yard or the grocery store, you might need a craft store for the feathers though. See pictures of the Pine Cone Turkey craft for kids here.

Number 2: The Hand Turkey
If you went to public school, you made one of these for sure. You trace your hand and your thumb is the turkey's head. Add color and other embellishments and you have true keepsake. Be sure to date it, you know you will keep it.

Number 1: Paper Turkey Dinner
This is a new one for me and I fell in love with it. You will need some lunch sized paper bags, paper plates, construction paper, glue, twine and pipe cleaners but it is so fun, it will be worth the investment. Get the detail from Busy Bee Kids Crafts.

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