Monday, October 01, 2012

Good Morning everyone.

My name is Lynn. I started help Pam with the website. So far I am enjoying doing the work and learning new thing. I also selling my items on here and I also do craft show. I have one coming up in Nov. Just to let you know what I do for Pam is one I been tweeting, pinning I take one or two of the picture from the website and either pin or facebook market place. And for the state I live in which I Wisconsin. I craiglist. I wish that craiglist would let me go outside of my state but they do not let me.

Please feel free to email me from the site if you like one of you item to be listed or and ideas you may have and I see what I can do. Or if you just want to get to know me. I try to blog as much as I can. I just learning how to do this Lynn
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