Please Leave Your Hat On

Hats are making a huge comeback in the USA for all types of trendy reasons. We were well on our way to a  full blown Hat Trend and then the flames were fueled by the Royal Wedding and all those fabulous hats across the pond. If you watch a lot of TV you may have noticed just how this head gear is taking off in the form of fedoras on police detectives, sit-com girls with cute beanies and guys knitting Mohawk caps on the do it yourself shows. It's no wonder hats are making such a come back, they are fun to wear, can be very sexy and certainly allow for self expression. And to top it off (pun intended), they provide warmth and protection for your head and hair. Some of the more popular of the head toppers this winter are wide brim leather hats, gangster hats and Amish hats. For those that looking for something a little more whimsical or comfortable, look for knitted and crocheted hats. You can also make your own hats, there are plenty of free patterns out there to try.

How ever you get yours, it is definitively time to get your hat on!

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