Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Information for Crafters

Are you making something today or this weekend? If so you are probably like most women and some men who just feel the need to create. I started crafting as a child and have enjoyed it ever since. I have fond memories of my grandmother teaching me to knit, crochet and quilt. I still have one of my grandmothers quilts, it is one the most beautiful possessions in our house. My grandmother created this quilt using pieces of my child hood clothes. Every inch has a memory in it, literally.

I never was a talented as my grandmother in the crafting department and over the past 10 years I choose do my creations electronically, which is why I am posting here today.

I want to invite all the crafters, artists and hobbiests to visit my newest creation, www.HandmadeCatalog.info. It's a brand new website with 100s of craft and hobby related articles, news and information.

So if you need a tip, help, instructions or ideas, just click on over. You are sure to find something interesting about crafting today!
Thanks for dropping by!

Pam Wylie

Pam Wylie is owner of the very successful websites "HandmadeCatalog.com". To and "LinnCreek.com" learn more about her or how she has helped others make money selling crafts online, visit her site at www.HandmadeCatalog.com or www.LinnCreek.com
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