Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where does your Webkinz Sleep?

Where does a Webkinz sleep?In his sleeping bag of course.

Cook the cabbage and boil the beanies, Webkins are sweeping the country.If you have kids and even if you don’t you probably have heard of these new plush toys, the Webkinz and their mini version, the Lil'kinz.

Webkinz are adorable little stuffed animals, each with it’s own identity. Webkinz and Lil'kinz are creations of the Ganz Company which releases them in limited quantities to encourage collection. Toy stores across the country can’t keep these guys on the shelf, often their order of 100 is gone in minutes and some store have set up waiting lists. The Webkinz craze is even more special because the Gant Comp hasn’t really advertised yet. This craze is growing to icon status because a couple of school kids told two friends and they told two friends.

So what makes this plush toy such a phenomenon that kids rush home from school to call the store to see if any came in? Not to mention you might be thinking, hasn't this been done to death, like beanie babies and cabbage patch dolls. Yes, all that has been done before, but these guys are different.

What if your new toy was alive? Ok, maybe not alive in reality, but certainly alive in cyber land. Every doll comes with a pass code that lets you enter a Virtual World of Webkinz” where you must take care of the life of your Webkinz. Ganz has created a Second City Type Lifestyle for kids and it is apparent the kids can’t wait to get in. Once you buy a Webkinz you are granted community access for 1 year. Once on the inside, a kid can earn and spend virtual money, upgrade their Webkinz bedrooms and if you don’t take good care of them, you guessed it, they get sick. Good news! There is a virtual clinic you can take them too. What can we expect from our new quasi-electronic plush toy beside pure pandemonium this holiday season? Whenever idea takes off like this, there will always be those to find fault and this application has it door wide open for criticism. I can almost see a day in the not too far future where child psychiatry will specialize in virtual life counseling for those that can’t make it in the real world. It’s a new frontier out there in cyber land and the Webkinz are probably going to be part of it.

Already we are seeing Webkinz accessories spring up. Sleeping Bags for Webkinz are available online. You can find one for your baby at
So grab these babies while you can, you are bound to know a kid that wants one.
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