Monday, July 28, 2008

Handmade Cards Are A Gift By Themselves

Perhaps my of love hand crafted cards started in grade school. I certainly remember putting every ounce of artistic talent I could muster into the handmade Valentines cards we made for our moms in the 2nd grade. Sure they were off center, crooked, glue oozed out of the heart's edges and the glitter fell off but my Mom didn't seem to mind a bit. In fact, she treated that card like it was made of gold, put it on her dresser for weeks, then stashed in her scrapbook. Of course that love of handmade cards grew over the years and when my son brought one home from school for me, well, you understand.

Fast forward to the new millennium and hand crafted cards are more than simple school projects. They are hugely popular and are one of our best selling crafts at

Thanks to online shopping you can find a handmade card for every occasion that comes up and nothing says "I love you" or "I miss you" louder than a handmade card. Pair it with a gift and sometimes the card will outshine the present. Trust me, no one ever tosses them out either.

So where do you shop for hand crafted cards? Here are just a few of the one we have for sales on our website just to help you get started:

Born To Travel : A luggage tag type pendant on an orange ribbon is the focal point of this wonderful handmade card. The message on the front of the card reads "Wish You Were Here", and the background is done in a travel themed paper. It's a great way to say I miss you to someone you've left behind. It comes with a matching bright yellow envelope.

Chocolate Delight Blank Handmade Card -This cute little card is great for the chocolate lover. On the front chocolate is defined as "delicious substance that is often eaten in celebration of something or in response to heartache; eating it often results in feelings of euphoria and intense pleasure." It also reads "When all else fails, eat chocolate - lots of it". It opens to reveal a blank message area.

Champagne Glass Handmade Card - Raise your glass for a toast and celebrate the New Year with this great novelty card. The note attached reads "Toasting good times & good cheer!!". Inside it says "Happy New Year".

Come on over to HandmadeCatalog and check out all the other wonderful hand crafted cards, you are sure to find just the right one for that special person in your life! Be sure to visit Bear's Den Farm Crafts for these cards and lots of other handmade crafts!

Pam Wylie, crafter and owner of
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