Sunday, January 22, 2017

Men from Chile Knit in Public for Equality - Meet the Hombres Tejedores

Knitting in Public is a political statement in Chile

What started out as a knitting class for men, the Hombres Tejedores (Men that Knit in English) take a courageous step outside once a month to further gender equality. By knitting in public they hope to change views on women's work. 

Knitting is for anyone with hands, it's not gender specific and hopefully their statements will make a difference in their country.

I recall a famous football player, Rosey Greir doing needlepoint in the 1970s:

It was shocking news that this big, strong man found a creative outlet that he enjoyed that was "women's work".  Things can and do change, huh?

We are all creatives - keep knitting you guys! 

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