Thursday, May 02, 2013

More Twisted Crochet: The Ribbon Scarf

A couple of year ago a member of our site started listing crocheted ribbon necklaces in our catalog. I had never heard of crocheting with ribbon and was very interested. I wasn't alone, sales took off for the ribbon necklaces and pretty soon there were many crochet fans making and selling them. Our ribbon crochet member retired recently and had to remove her listings with us. We have had many people ask for them over the past few months and we are so happy to announce a new member, Yarn Lover Creations by Judy, has added several wonderful crocheted ribbon necklaces to our catalog.

Judy has gone one step further and taking crocheted ribbon to a new level. You must take a look at the crocheted ribbon scarves she has designed. They are so delicate looking and visually intriguing. I am sure these will be a bit hit for summer as they are cool yet look fantastic with so many outfits.

For those that are not family with crocheted ribbon, you should know that not only can it be shiny and expensive looking, it is very light-weight and super comfortable to wear. Ribbon necklaces and scarves are excellent for young girls and older women and anyone that likes a bit of whimsy in their fashion statement.

Here is one Judy’s Crocheted Ribbon Scarf designs:

You can view the rest of Yarn Lover Creations by Judy on her page in our catalog.

If you are interested in learning how to make your own crocheted ribbon creation, I found a nice video at RedHeart Yarn’s website here There are a lot of free patterns out there and you can use all kinds of ribbon. We would love to see what you make.

If you are not into doing the crochet but like fine hand crafted jewelry and d├ęcor for your home, please shop handmade with – Custom requests are always welcome! All items are handmade in the USA, covered by our money-back guaranty and we have a toll-free phone number for customer service.

Happy shopping!
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