Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Old School Mother's Day Gifts

I guess I am what you would call an Old School Mom. I know I like all kinds of crafts including Old School Crafts and what the kids call Granny Crafts. I think they are special and am tired of mass produced decor. At this stage I would rather have a nice hand crafted gift than receive the latest smart phone.

Hand Sewn Neck Pillows
So for all of you that have an Old School Mom, here are some gifts I think she will like for Mother's Day, all from our catalog, all are hand made in America.

These bone shaped pillows fit behind your neck when you are sitting in a chair or riding in a car. They are made out of cotton fabric. Baseball teams are also available in fleece. Ravens, Eagles, Colts, Redskins, Giants, Patriots and more. 

Crocheted Bath Tub Tissue Box Cover

This tissue box is hand crocheted with light yellow and light blue yarn for the water The flowers are pink and apricot. There is polyester filling on top for the bubbles with four large pearls and eight small pearls.


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