Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Fabric Checkbook Covers are Surprisingly Sturdy

Are you still writing checks? Me too, just not as often as a few years ago, but I still keep the checkbook in my purse. About 6 years ago I purchased a hand sewn fabric checkbook cover as the one the bank gave me was tattered. This same fabric checkbook looks almost like the day I received it. It has already lasted 5 times longer than the one from the bank and looks like it can go on forever. The best part of this checkbook cover is that it is bright and easy to find in my purse.

Currently our catalog has some fantastic fabric checkbook covers for sale. Here is one of my favorites by Doodlebug Quilts:

Singing Cats Checkbook Covers (there are many other products available with this same print too)

Here's some more information from Doodlebug Quilts:

Now I know there are a lot of checkbook covers out there and they are all very nice, but I thought that if I made one it would have to match all the other fabulous quilted items in my store! So here it is! 

All my checkbook covers are fused with a heavy weight layer of interfacing on cotton fabric for extra stability and strength. All are lined with cream colored fabric and since I have to be “different” if it was a one-way design, I added a seam to the top so that no matter which way you hold it, it would still be facing you. 
The covers are for TOP-TEAR checks. Just insert your check register and checks into the pockets. OR use as a folder for your store coupons, bills, small papers etc……. 

Each measure 6.5” x 3.5” Inside pockets is 3”. 

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