Friday, May 27, 2011

Vlog Your Way to a Profitable Craft Business

Vlog - what's that? This is the term for video blogs, a wonderful way to new share your talent with the world. Vlogs are for everyone, of course, but they are having a significant impact on the arts and crafts business as more and more videos are created and shared worldwide.

There are numerous ways a professional artist and crafter can utilize vlogging to increase exposure to their products and make money from advertising at the same time. For example, you could video yourself making your crafts or shopping for craft materials. You could also video your shop or your craft booth to share with those that live far away. One of the most popular ways to attract attention is to create a "how-to" video.

Here are some sites to help you get started vlogging about your crafts. You will want to get familiar with just because this is the most popular and easy way to get started. Take some time to view the top rated craft videos to see what works and for inspiration. If you creating a "how-to" craft video you might want to post it to, a site just for how-to do things. The new smart phones have video apps that allow easy posting and if you are lucky enough to have a new tablet, they have great video editing apps that will turn you into a polished videographer in no time. Don't forget to tell your Facebook fans about your video and post it to your profile too!

Another tip, add a text version of the sound track and add this to your posts. Many of us use our computers in silence (while others are sleeping or watching tv) and can't crank the volume. I like to watch the videos and be able to read the instructions too.

While you are trying to build your crafts business, be sure to learn how to monetize your blogs and vlogs by placing some advertising on your pages. Google's AdSense are the most popular, but there are many others that are easy to use. When you are semi-famous, get a hold of some craft related advertisers such as Jo-Anns or Michaels Crafts. Learn about their affiliate programs and earn a little profit each time they sell something that linked from your site. And there is always - you can add craft related books and other materials through their affiliate program too.

Once your video is published, let everyone know, including We will blog about it and help you launch this exciting new way to profit from your crafts. In fact, check our one of our top selling crafters, Long Meadows Farm Quilts' videos about her shop for a fantastic example of vlogging crafts for profits.

Have a Crafty Weekend! 

Pam Wylie ~
Life-Long Crafter and  Professional Internet Marketer, Pam Wylie has helped 100s of professional crafters  and artisans sell their handcrafted work online through her successful website, for over 10 years now. She also performs website design, SEO training and is a full-time, loving care-giver. 
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