Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Learn Crafts Online - How to Make Money with Scrapbooking‏

It's possible to earn a living doing what you love - isn't
that what we all dream of?

Scrapbooking is a huge industry. There are tons of websites devoted 
to scrapbooking. You can find scrapbook supplies, scrapping 
inspiration, scrapbook quotes and much more. So, how do you jump into 
this hot market? How do you make money with scrapbooking?

Making money with scrapbooking is possible, the primary key to a 
successful scrapbooking business is to find a scrapbooking business 
format that fits your lifestyle and your goals. There are several ways 
to approach a scrapbooking business.

Are you interested in a scrapbooking business with a well-known product 
line? If so, then direct sales companies are a great way to get 
involved with the scrapbooking industry. With direct sales, you 
represent an already established product line and earn commission on 
your sales. You can find a variety of scrapbook direct sales companies 
online, I recommend you do some research before choosing a company. 
DSA.org is a great resource for shopping for a direct sales company. 
A lot of people start out home-based businesses with direct sales 
because it is a relatively inexpensive method of starting a home 

Another way to make money with scrapbooking is to develop or craft 
your own signature line items. For example, you could custom design 
your own scrapbook kits, or perhaps you could specialize in quilling 
techniques for scrapbooking. If you are artistic, and you want to use 
your art skills to make money with scrapbooking, then this do-it-yourself
method might be the perfect avenue for you to start making money with 
scrapbooking. While, you are building up a customer base, ebay.com is 
a great way to get some exposure for your designs. By creating your own 
quality signature pieces, you'll create a devoted customer base.

Still, another way to make money with scrapbooking would be to create 
your own scrapbook web-store. This could be a very expensive venture 
with inventory etc. Be sure to do your homework and research and 
create a solid business plan before jumping into a business of this type.
If you have the capital, it would be a great way to get a foothold 
in the scrapbook industry.

Another fun way to make money with scrapbooking is by creating scrapbooks 
for others as a paid service. You could even specialize in certain key 
niches - baby scrapbooks, wedding scrapbooks, travel scrapbooks, etc. 
Busy moms and busy families are always looking for services to simplify 
their lives - a customized scrapbook service may be exactly what they 
need to get those photos into an album.

There's still another great way to make money with scrapbooking. It's 
called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make 
money online - you simply find affiliate programs that pertain to 
scrapbooking (and that have a good product line that you want to promote.) 
You can find programs via Google. The great thing about affiliate marketing 
is that you can start making money with little to no cash outflow. 
Affiliate programs are free to join - you just do the promotion.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to make money with scrapbooking. 
It's a matter of choosing which path you want to take - and maybe thinking 
a little outside the box. Good luck, I hope these tips help you make money 
with scrapbooking.

This article was written by Kim Monaco of Learn Crafts Online 
(http://www.learncraftsonline.com). She is a mommy on a mission
to help other people learn crafts and enjoy crafting, and maybe even
make $$ with crafting.

Have a crafty day!
Reposted with permission.
Kim, this is a great article for anyone wanting to start a crafts related business! Thank you for sharing and for being part of a great craft organization! After your master your crafts, be sure to offer them in our HandmadeCatalog!

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