Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day Crafts - 5 Top Project Sites

Maybe Mother's Day is holiday dreamed up by florists and card makers but it is nice to have a day to appreciate the Moms. When you are born, you enter into a relationship that is as unique as your tiny fingerprints. Lucky people have a very long, wonderful, deep, loving bond with their mothers, while others, not so much. When you mom is gone from your life or from this earth, the relationship doesn't end as you think it might. This special relationship grows on in your mind forever. It is as Marcus Tullius Cicero said, " The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living." 

Build the memories while you can, learn everything your mom is willing teach you. She may not be right all the time, but she is your mom. Give her a call today or drop by if you can. You will make her day and trust me, years later you will remember today with happy thoughts. 

You can tell I miss my mom, she's been gone for years now and today I will think of her a million times. Tears will well up, but not fall, as 40 years of happy Mother's Day memories replace the sadness almost immediately. One of the happiest memories of Mother's Day are the crafts my mom and I would create together. I've put together a list of my favorite websites that have Mother's Day craft projects and ideas below. Maybe you can create a crafty memory today. 

Did you already create something for Mother's Day or did your child give you a great handmade Mother's Day craft? We would love to see some pictures, please send them by email or social network for sharing! 

Below are my top 5 website picks for Mother's Day gift ideas and easy crafts. 

1) Mother's Day Crafts - 151 - this site has 151 Mother's Day Crafts, from kids crafts to elegant creations.
2) Kaboose - this site has gifts, cards and recipes to make for Mother's Day
3) Mother's Day Celebration - lots of Mother's Day crafts for little kids and older kids 
4) The Activity Cupboard - Mother's Day crafts are part of a large database of free craft projects, very cool.
5) The Crafty Crow - Great crafts for kids' Mother's Day crafts and they feature "Crafts by Amanda" (she's cool too).

Happy Mother's Day!
Pam Wylie ~

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