Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gramma Knits Outside the Box

Knitting, defined as combining a piece of thread with 2 needles, has been a method of fabric making for centuries and most of us associate hand knitting with blankets known as afghans. Little has changed in knitting for all these years until now. Let me introduce you to Gramma's Kints. This long time knitter has looked way beyond traditional knitting and brings us a fantastic new way to look at yarn. She gave up her knitting machine years ago and opts for the her highly skilled hands to produce exciting new products in a centuries old craft. 
Here is my favorite example of knitting outside the box: Gramma's Knitted Book/Tote Bag:
This bag is pictured as a knitting tote but they can be made as a pocket book with long shoulder straps. They are knitted with double yarn and are double thick, making the so very sturdy. Also there are to outside pockets, one knitted and closed with a button, the other is lined with matching lining material. Then Gramma's Knits takes it a little further with these adorable knitted, stuffed animals:
These little cuties are soft with no buttons to pop off, they are sure to become their favorite bed-time pal.
Right now, Gramma is working on her latest creation so be sure to visit her website often for great crafts and plenty of inspiration for you to think outside the box. 
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We would love to see your knitted creations and welcome your comments. Have a crafty day!
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