Sunday, October 24, 2010

5 Ways to Sell More Crafts: What's in the Box?

You've made the sale, congratulations. All the hard work has paid off, you feel great because someone actually paid money for your creation. Consider yourself a Professional Crafter!

You now have an idea on how much it costs and how much work is involved in getting that customer. And guess what? If they like the item, they will probably want to buy from you again and again.

But will they?

Your chances increase greatly with what you put in the box with your order. You've taken the time to make this wonderful item, wrapped it very carefully and are probably going down to the post office to mail it. You are already paying for postage, make the most of it!

1. Always include a Thank You note. Anything is better than nothing, from a sticky note to a custom note card, just let them know you appreciate the order.

2. Always include a Business Card or something similar in size for the buyer to keep on file. Almost everyone keeps business cards for something they really like and it makes the customer feel comfortable about custom orders and returns should the need arise.

3. Include a list of your other items for sale. It's ok to keep it very simple, even 2 or 3 items, described on a small sheet of paper will do. Give them a reason to look for you again. Buyers will also store these away for the holidays or special events in their lives.

4. Offer them a discount or free gift on their next purchase. A certain amount of craft buyers really enjoy this type of savings and other simply cannot resist a bargain. This also tells the buyer that you appreciate the sale.

5. Include a free gift with every order. Not everyone can do this, depending on your type of crafts but if you can make a small gift item in bulk and include it with your order, the buyer will probably never forget you.

Don't forget to put all of your contact information on everything! Today you need to add your social network addresses too!

I don't think you can over-do it when it comes to marketing your business in this manner. Give it a try and see if your sales increase.

Happy Crafting,

Pam Wylie

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