Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time Saving Ideas For Scrapbooking

By Debbie Luker

Scrapbooking takes time. It sometimes can last all night if you're in the mood! But what if you don't have all night to devote to your hobby? Here are some timesaving tips so that you can get the most out of your time:

Gather all photos for one layout. Pick out coordinating papers, embellishments, etc. Also jot down a layout idea for the page. Place all in a storage size zip lock bag. When you're ready to scrap, just pull a bag out and you don't have to think at all about what to do. You just cut and paste!

Another idea is to use a transparency for your journaling. This way you don't have to print on your paper before you adhere it to your page. A transparency is just that, transparent, so it will look like it's not even there when you place it on your page. I use Mono Adhesive for it because it is clear and hardly shows up. But you can uses brads, vellum adhesive, or other clear adhesives for it.

Do a little at a time. If you find that you have a spare ten minutes, cut the photo mats and adhere the pictures to them. Make embellishments, write the journaling, anything that will make the piecing together faster and less stressful.

Have all of your supplies in one area so you’re not running around everywhere looking for things. To make it easier too, try storing your supplies in portable drawers. That way you can move them to wherever you can work on them.

Scrapbooking takes a lot of time and devotion. But with a few imaginative steps, it can all come together in no time!

About the Author Debbie Luker is a professional scrapbooker who has been scrapbooking for over 7 years. She enjoys creating first-class scrapbooks for clients, but has been more focused lately on getting her work published on websites and magazines. She has been on 2 different design teams, the most recent being for, They carryTombow Mono, glue dots, and lots of other scrapbook supplies.

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