Thursday, September 14, 2006

Designer Catnip Toys and Catnip Mats

Fire up your feline and get that cat off the couch!

Many cats get really crazy around catnip and provide quite a show for their owners. If you have a cat that can't get enough nip then you need one of these designer catnip mats.

Each mat is approximately 17x17 inches. Colorado Catnip Toys makes these adorable catnip mats that are designed to keep your friend on a designated napping spot on the furniture. You can also remove insert that is filled with tantalizing catnip and pop into the washer. Available in many different prints.

In addition to catnip mats, Colorado Catnip Toy offers a great selection of catnip toys. All toys and mats are handmade from bright whimsical fabrics and filled with catnip.

Colorado Catnip Toys is a "Cat Ran Family Business"! All toys and mats are "Tigger Tested"!

To see more of Colorado Catnip Toys handmade items, please visit her webpage at

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