Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dish Towels with Crochet Tops: Country or Retro?

I remember these handmade charmers from the 70's, that's why I think they are retro. My grandmother used to make them and everyone in our family used them until they fell apart.

I thought they we are lost art until one day when Claire join Handmade Catalog. She makes beautiful dish towels with the hand crocheted tops , just like you remember them. They are so handy and practical not to mention the color they add to your kitchen. Claire's fine crafts are sold at several fairs in Florida. She also makes and sells some adorable Clothes Pin Dolls, Toilet Paper Holders and Quilted Eye Glass Covers.

If you are interested in having Claire create some custom crocheted top dish towels or other items for you, just let me know. I will have her contact right away.

For more unusal handmade gifts, please visit my site Handmade Catalog.

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