Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Build Memories with Handmade Christmas Gifts and Crafts

You can feel it in the air, winter is coming and with it comes the holidays!

I love getting my Holiday Decoration Box down and going through all my keepsakes. I have saved almost every handmade ornament ever giving to me. As I put each handmade treasure on my tree I am taken back to the time they gave it to me. I have the handmade ornaments my son made in grade school. I have all the handmade ornaments from the multi-talented crafting women I’ve worked with over the past 30 years. I can’t remember all the bosses, the job details but I do remember every woman that ever gave me a handmade holiday ornament.

Don’t you wish you had time to make everyone on your list a handmade present? I know I do, I wish I had the time and even more, I wish I had the talent. All is not lost, you can still make memories like these and here’s the solution:

Shop online and buy top quality Christmas Gifts, Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Crafts from professional crafters! Shop at Handmade Catalog and take a look at our Handmade Christmas Gifts and Handmade Christmas Crafts. Our professional crafters are finishing their year’s worth of crafting and adding new items daily. Whether you are looking for a cute Santa Claus, Handmade Greeting Cards, Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments or a really special gift you will find it at

Even if you are a regular shopper please visit today’s new members; Christmas Creations, Grannies Treasures, Two Gee’s Arts and Crafts and Short Xpressions. We welcome them to the site and are proud to offer their fine crafts to you.

If you are considering online purchases, don’t wait too long. Handmade items take time to make and then need time to ship and arrive before the holidays.


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