Monday, June 05, 2017

Thread or Tread...Cautiously by Sally Spring

I received a ball of No. 10 Viscose Thread from Bulgaria through an Etsy seller.  It was a very small ball of thread…very slippery, very shiny.  I opened the plastic that surrounded/encased it.
It fell around my hand and wrist!  It was like it was happy to be free!  Lol

Since then, I have been trying to tell the seller that there is a problem trying to find the “end” of the thread.  She just keeps repeating it is slippery when working with it. 

Well. . .  I wouldn’t know. 

The thread not only unwraps itself from the spool as it is loosening but uncurls itself as the factory wound it on the spool.  Double trouble! 

I found out through many emails of other crochet-ers that the thread end was on the “inside” of the ball, not the outside as in American threads like Southmaid, Aunt Lydia, etc.

The plastic wrap should NEVER have been removed! 

I was left with trying to put it in an “order” to work with; something that took me two 7-hour nights to do.  I cut a rectangular cardboard and sliced a triangular cut into each long end. 
I had to tape the first end on the cardboard because it was slipping continually while trying to unravel itself.  Then used rubber bands to keep the thread in place as I wound it and also when I was using it. 

- Sally Spring

Thank you Sally for this informative guest post! Here is one my favorite pieces by Sally. 
She has so many more, be sure to visit her shop.  

It's Wedding Day - Created by hand, this gown
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