Thursday, January 19, 2017

Crafting for A Cause

How one man is giving back to his community through crafts. 

It's mid-January and stories are coming in from all over about a successful holiday season. You might be thinking of record sales but actually this post is a person that gave away their crafts to others.

I spend a great deal of time on my crafts and even more time thinking about how to market crafts for others on our website. Not until today did I give some deep thought about crafting for those in need or just to brighten a mood.

This story from the web today features an individual using his woodworking crafts to make the world a nicer, brighter place to live!

Mike Klimchok, photo courtesy of the,
full article by Mary Therese Biebel
Meet Mike Klimchok, an 85 year old retired carpenter from Pennsylvania. To brighten the holidays for residents of several local nursing homes, he used his woodworking skills to make adorable decorations for all. Mike spent countless hours building and painting snowmen, Christmas Trees and more. Then he gave them to the nursing homes to be handed out early - so they could be enjoyed for a few weeks. Read more at the Times Leader click here

Do you have a story how crafts help our community? Let me know and we will cover it here.

Happy Crafting!

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