Wednesday, October 05, 2016

For Green Berets by a Green Beret - Special Forces Insignia Leather Belt Buckles

This leather belt buckle has been hand crafted by a disabled veteran that served with the Green Berets in both 3rd Special Forces Group and 10th Special Forces Group. He now uses his talents to create meaningful leather accessories. View more of his items at Mountain Monkeys Leather 

My introduction to Special Forces was with John Wayne in the movie Green Berets in 1968. I was 10 years old and for me the movie was very intense. There was a Green Berets song that was popular on the radio too but as a child I didn't really understand what any of it meant. For me, it was time to play hopscotch on the driveway. 

Well that was a long time ago and the Special Forces or Green Berets are still doing the hard work that is necessary to keep our freedom alive. Just like everything else on the planet, technology has changed warfare. 

Our troops encounter things I don't even want to think about but I do want to thank them everyday for there service. 

There are a lot of veterans and  active military people in my life but none are Special Forces.

Do you know someone that can wear this belt buckle? Lucky you.

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