Sunday, September 28, 2014

When Handmade Jewelry Becomes Fine Jewelry

In my quest to share the creative works of fellow Americans I have seen my share of handmade items. I see what I think of as fine jewelry every day in our online catalog but when I go out to shop, I end up wondering what makes something "fine jewelry".

I live near Palm Springs, CA, a city known for Art and Movie Colonies. The desert and mountain views continue to bring artists of all medias. It is rumored that Leonardo DiCaprio and President Obama are moving here. Similar to Rodeo Drive in Hollywood, we have El Paseo Shopping District. There are many art galleries and jewelry shops nestled between the Apple Store and Banana Republic. On El Paseo, a hand-crafted pewter bracelet with a dolphin charm might be several thousands of dollars.

The pieces in these shops are beautiful and the makers are extremely talented, yet my question lingers. Why these pieces, what makes them so expensive?

After all these years, I guess I will never fully understand the definition of fine jewelry. I have no problem deciding what I like. If money were no object for me, I would still know what I like and the value of the item, like diamonds and rhinestones.

What I cannot do is put a price on design, that has to come from the designer. Does ego play a big part of the price tags in fine jewelry? Does rent money play a bigger part?

To emphasis my point, let's look at this wonderful bracelet by Sally Spring, a renown gallery artist from New York.

Sally's bracelets would would fit right in on any store shelf on El Paseo or Rodeo Drive. This leaves me to think that "fine jewelry" is just like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder.

Soutache Bracelet with Green Cats Eye Oval by Sally Spring
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