Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy New Year from

Wow, 2014 already. So much has changed in my life since my last post in October. We have moved from Salton City to Desert Hot Springs and are once again in a "real" city. We have stores and traffic and sirens and that goes with city life. Our new place is on the side of a hill and we have a great view of the mountains and the Palm Springs area. We do not have any northern exposure at all and I truly miss the sunrises of the Salton City. Here is a picture from our last morning there:

Instead of these wonderful sunrises, we get to see some awesome sunsets and the views of the desert are just as fantastic! 

And although it took a while to get everything working (try scheduling cablers during the holidays) we seem to have a very steady Internet connection, something that has eluded us for 4 years. 

Enough about our move and on to the new year. We hope to continue to offer our customers  a unique online shopping catalog filled with unique and unusual hand crafted products. Happy New Year!

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