Friday, April 19, 2013

Sell More Crafts: Tell A Story

What does storytelling have to do with selling crafts? 

More than you might imagine. Most people in business will agree that sales are usually based on emotions. Sure, we all buy the stuff we need, but when it comes to non-essentials, those purchases come from the heart. So how can we draw the right emotions out of our viewers and turn them into buyers? All craft sellers who list their creations for sale online provide pictures for without pictures your craft won't get a second look. It's when the viewer is so interested by the photograph they click to learn more, that is where the story telling becomes critical and the correct emotions are stirred that let the customer proceed with the purchase.

So what is storytelling when it comes to your products? A good story

·         Lets the viewer feel comfortable about the craft and the craft seller
·         Lets the viewer feel connected somehow to the crafted item or the craft seller
·         Lets the viewer have enough product information to make a sound decision to purchase your crafts

Peace of mind is one emotion that must be satisfied.  The viewer must feel safe about placing the order with you. No one wants to feel ripped-off or worry they might be. You can accomplish this by clearly stating your company policies, payment and return policy in your descriptions. It doesn't have to be wordy, just enough to let them know you care about your customers and stand behind your products.
 At this point your viewer is wondering why they should buy crafts from you when there are so many others with the same or similar crafts? If you list your crafts with a large venue such as Etsy or Artfire, the sheer number choices can be overwhelming for the shopper. Sometimes they search and search, find the decision to tough and simply give up. This is why you must provide a sense of connection. It is a powerful way to not only engage your viewers but to turn them into buyers. Keep the connections going and these buyers will become repeat buyers. Let your viewers know who you are, why you choose to craft professionally, why you chose these craft patterns, those fabrics, which designs and anything else that "tells the story" behind your crafts.

Don't forget to include a lot of details about the construction of your crafts, what materials you use, how to take care of them, their exact dimensions, and their recommended usages. Leave nothing to for them to guess about and your buyer will have a stress-free online purchase.
People love to tell stories to their friends, family an co-workers about positive experiences in their lives. Tell them a story to share and watch your craft sales increase steadily over time.

Pam Wylie ~
Life-Long Crafter and  Professional Internet Marketer, Pam Wylie has helped 100s of professional crafters  and artisans sell their handcrafted work online through her successful website, for over 10 years now. She also performs website design, SEO training and is a full-time, loving care-giver. 

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