Sunday, May 22, 2011

Local Produce Patch Rocks Indio, CA

After decades of being Angelinos (from Los Angeles) we moved about 150 miles south to the town of Salton City. 

Once a week we go into town, either to Brawley which is about 30 miles to the south or north to Indio/Palm Springs. 

Today we went to Indio / La Quinta, but we took the back roads, it is a beautiful ride and it took for ever since I wanted to stop every couple of miles to take pictures. 

The first farm we came to was a vineyard. Did you know over 90% of the table grapes for the USA are actually grown right here in the Coachella Valley. We've watched these grapes grow from what looked like dead sticks in a row only to see them today:

You can actually see the lovely little grapes hanging in the shades of their leaves. Pretty soon you will see a great deal of grapes at your grocery store and there is a good chance they grew up right here in Indio.

Further down the road was a farm that was recently harvested and looked so peaceful it was hard to image that in 15 minutes we would be in La Quinta, complete with mini mansions, top golf and one of everything just like the big city. 
Beauty in every direction today - those are date palms on the side!
And we scored some bargains at the produce patch too! 

These were 4 for 1 Dollar
And Gala Apples for .99 cents / lb

Now we are stocked up and ready for a busy week ahead. 
Hope you enjoyed your weekend too!

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