Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sewing - Revisiting A Classic Craft

On my bed is a quilt my grandmother made using fabric scraps from the dresses and pajamas she had sewn for me over my childhood. I can look at the quilt for a while and remember receiving the clothes and having fun in them (well, not all, some were too scratchy).

My mom used to sew a lot too, she made clothes for my Barbie Dolls and I always thought I had the best dressed dolls in the neighborhood.

Then, times changed and people stopped sewing more and more. There were other things to do, store-bought clothes were getting more affordable and sewing started to become a granny craft.

Well, nothing stays the same and thanks to the mega stores with their tons of low quality garments, sewing is making a strong come back! I've even dug out my old sewing machine (now that we have room again) and have started making new window treatments and pillow covers. It's so fun too!

Sewing is coming back strong and there is no shortage of hand sewn products at! Join us each day as we showcase our finest hand sewn creations all week.

I am also working on a current post for the best sewing links on the net now.

What are you sewing these days? Send a photo and be part of our Week of Sewing!

See you at the fabric shop!

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