Monday, September 13, 2010

Using a Blog to Sell Crafts Online

There is so much buzz around the web these days about writing a blog to help sell your crafts online. Blogging works simply because net users cannot get enough new content. We are absorbing information quicker than ever and the search engines are hungry for new information to feed the net users. Add new content daily and your visitor count should go up.

While I agree that blogging works, it is much more time consuming and sometimes frustrating that most care to let on.

First you have to set up your blog, then you have to keep it fresh. This means updating the information at least once a week.

If this sounds like fun, you probably already have your own blog and are happily sharing information about your crafts with online blog readers around the world. Drop me a line and I will add a link.

If writing doesn't come naturally or you don't have enough time to learn a blogging program, then what? Is there any way to sell more crafts online by having your crafts blogged about without all the hassle?

The answer is yes! At, our member's items, events and pages are featured in this blog all the time and it's free!

So, if you are a crafter looking for more exposure on the web without all the work of a daily or weekly blog, check into joining the happy crafters at!

See you soon!

Pam Wylie

Pam Wylie is a long-time crafter, craft writer and marketer as well as the owner of the successful online craft mall

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