5 Tips to Selling Crafts Online

It's no secret why some crafters are more successful selling their crafts online than others. Here are 5 surefire tips to help you increase your online craft sales:

1. Create better titles for your items. Make sure you state in your title what kind of item your are selling. Some crafters name their peices which is fine but don't forget to put the type of your item in your title. For example if you make a necklace that your call Fire and Ice, make sure your title is something like Fire and Ice Necklace, not just Fire and Ice. This will help the search engines find your item easier when a buyer searches for a necklace.

2. Create longer descriptions. Online shoppers don't get to touch the items so you need to convey just how wonderful they are with your words. Make sure you use wording that stimulates excitement and encourages the buyer to become an owner and not simply a window shopper.

3. Tell a story. Buyers enjoy learning why or how you created your items, it helps them make a connection to the item and to you, the crafter. Tell them what inspired you to create this item, how much love and labor went into making the item and how much they will enjoy it.

4. Take multiple photographs. Most online venues will allow you to add several pictures of your items. Always try to photograph your items with an all white or black background (you can use sheets or blankets for this) and take as many pictures as you can, from the front, side and/or top if possible.

5. Follow up! This is the best way to increase your online craft sales. When you get a customer, make sure you thank them for shopping with you and if you can, give them an incentive to revisit you in the future. Add a discount coupon to your package for their next order. Send them a notice (e-mail is the least expensive way I know of to do this) letting them know you have added new products.

Selling crafts online is big business these days and there is no reason you can't cash in on all your hard work. Just work a little smarter, not harder.

Pam Wylie
Owner of HandmadeCatalog.com
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