Train Trips and Hand Painted Glasses

I just got off the phone with a super nice lady that placed a good sized order for hand painted champagne glasses. She volunteered the story of how she came across finding our website and "falling in love" with these hand painted champagne glasses.

During a train trip for the holidays she met a lady that was crocheting, they struck up a friendship and the crochetor told her all about

She just arrived home this weekend was able to look at the site. She called after she spotted the hand painted champagne glasses and placed her order over the phone. She just happened to be in need of some gifts and these hand painted champagne glasses were perfect!

The last thing she said was that she was off to shop through our catalog some more.

It warms my heart to know people all over the country talk about our website and our members' wonderful creations.

Be sure to visit All Things Crafts to purchase these fine hand painted champagne glasses or any other of their hand painted glassware items.

Happy Travelling and Crafting!

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