Friday, July 24, 2009

Crafts for Wine Lovers

Crafts for Wine Lovers

Apparently drinking and crafting do mix.

Leave it innovative crafters across the country to see the need for wine accessories.

In just a few short years wine related crafts have become so popular; your bottles feel naked without adornment. No longer can you show up with a bottle of red in brown paper sack. Not when it feels like so much more when wrapped in a beautifully handmade wine bag.

Ever have a wine glass drop one drop on you? I find this happens more frequently depending on how many glasses I have consumed, but it does happen even on the first sip. Wine Coasters are the answer! Slip these pretty puppies on the base of your wine glasses and they soak up the little drops leaving you and your table clean.

Maybe your grotto needs some mood lighting. This is where a Wine Bottle Lamp would come in. But don’t think wine is the only bottle lamp, we’ve seen some great tequila bottle lamps too. Do you have a nice collection of Wine Glasses? Bet you don't have any like the new hand painted wine glasses. Now, how to display them for maxi um effect? Simple, just use a under the cabinet, hand crafted wooden glass rack.

Okay, the mood is almost set but first your wine bottle need to look the part! Wine bottle jewelry and wine bottle clothing bring fun and cheer to the party!

Don’t forget about the corks, these guys are a craft project just waiting to happen. Wineslippers Creations just designed this new Hearts for Wine Lovers out of corks, too cute!

Now, BYOB and some snacks, let’s party!

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