Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why You Should Sell Crafts Online

Maybe you have been crafting for years or maybe you just found your passion but at some point you probably have considered selling your crafts. Your family and friends encourage you, tell you how much they love your work and how you could make some money.

What they don't tell you is how much this can cost you. First you have to build up some inventory. Then you will have to find right craft fairs to show your goods. Of course you have a booth to pay for. Don't forget some tables, flyers, cards, oh the list goes on. And remember you will be spending your weekends traveling from one show to the other. You may even do all of this only to find your crafts are not best sellers.

What's a crafter to do? Sell your crafts over the Internet, it is that simple. If you make something that people buy then you will have good luck with online sales. By selling your crafts online you can save time and money. For example, you can make one of each item instead of providing huge on hand inventories. The Internet is working 24/7 - free up your weekends.

The real key to online success is how you advertise. Just like the real world, no one is going to walk up to your door (or webpage) and say, "I want to buy your crafts".

There are many websites and services out there to make the whole process easy and affordable. You will definitely need a digital camera, a steady online connection and the determination it takes to check your email everyday. Make sure you choose a website that will help you write good ads and lists your products with major shopping services like Froogle. www.HandmadeCatalog.com is a great choice. We upload to Froogle a couple of times a week, we actively advertise in printed magazines, newspapers and online through many different PR firms.

Remember that selling crafts online is very similar to selling at the craft fairs and regular gift shops. Just create appropriate crafts for the appropriate holiday and sales will pour in.

Not convinced? Still like doing the shows and craft fairs, then good for you. In fact, all the better reason to advertise online. By adding your website address to your flyers you can turn those fair shoppers into buyers when they get home.

For more information on how to sell your crafts online, click here.

Pam Wylie
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