Friday, September 01, 2006

Tips For Beginners Who Want To Sew

By Larry Loughborough. Larry is writer and administrator for, your source for beach bags.

August 26th, 2006 :

The first thing to keep in mind if you want to learn to sew is that It’s Fun.
Whether you want to learn to sew for personal benefit or for starting your own business, remember its fun. Secondly, you need to start small and work your way up as your skills improve. Start out with research.I suggest the following Tips to do before starting sewing: 1.) Talk to friends who sew and ask questions. No question is stupid when you don’t know anything about sewing. The more questions you ask, the more you will learn. 2.) Talk to your local fabric store employees and ask questions. It’s amazing how much these employees like to help. They go out of their way to help because they want you as a potential customer, purchasing their fabric and supplies instead of going to the store down the street or purchasing on the internet. 3.) Go to your local library. There are many sewing books for beginners. I suggest looking in the children section for books on beginning sewing. It’s amazing what you will find in the children section. 4.) Call your local high school and talk with the “home-ec” teacher. The teacher will give you many helpful tips and advise. 5.) Email me at Stitches of Paradise and I will try to help you and answer your questions to the best of my ability. 6.) Search for free sewing classes. Your local fabric store might have a free one. If not, you should check your local community college for classes. As an alternative, you can search the internet and find on-line beginner’s classes. 7.) Check on eBay for cheap beginners books. Knowledge will improve your skills.Go to local yard sales and pick up some cheap fabric someone doesn’t want. This way you can practice on cheap fabric. When you make a mistake (and we all do), you will not ruin expensive material. And no one has to know about your mistakes. As you practice, you WILL improve your sewing skills. Eventually you will feel comfortable and will be willing to try sewing a project with more expensive material without being afraid of making a mistake.In Final: Things To Remember: 1.) Don’t take on projects that are too big for you at the start. Start simple and practice on that fabric you bought at the yard sale. 2.) When starting your first real project, use linen, cotton or wool. Use fabric that will not fray. There is nothing worse than unfinished edges on a fabric. 3.) Your thread should match your fabric. This really hides sewing mistakes. 4.) Purchase a seam ripper. You will need it to correct mistakes. There is nothing worse than sewing a seam and then finding out that you have to rip it out and start again. Happy sewing and just have fun. Article Source: For more valuable information on my business, please email My business is called Stitches of Paradise. My wife and I hand make and sell beach bags, beach tote bags, beach purses, and beach pillows. We also custom make bags, totes, purses, and pillows with many of our designs we do not have listed on our website. We offer free USA shipping so the prices you see on our site include shipping. All of our bags, totes, and purses are fully lined. Larry Loughborough is writer and administrator for, your source for beach bags.

Thank you Larry for such a great article about sewing. Sewing and making handmade items are fun and can be profitable. If you would like to buy or sell handmade crafts or sewing please visit our website at
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