Saturday, December 31, 2005

550 Cord Bracelets Weave Their Own Tale

As 2005 comes to a close, we are reminded of the events that we lived through this year. Today my thoughts are of those less fortunate and of those that fight for our freedom and safety. One of our members shared the following information about herself and her crafts and I would like to share it with you. Her name is Paula and her webpage is called Affordable Gifts, Rosaries, Beaded Book Marks & Much More. Paula writes:

"I'm a crafty and creative person that has traveled many places in the military. I've been deployed to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq. I'm a nurse in the Army Nurse Corps and proudly take care of soldiers and their dependents in peace time as well as at war.

I was introduced to knotting during my first duty assignment as a 2LT at Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center. One of my patients gave me a key chain made out of green 550 cord. The next time during the Kuwaiti war, my ambulance drives would make these bracelets and each knot meant all kinds of things. It helped the soldiers to keep their minds on going home at the end of their tour.

I can and love to create things out of nothing. I will take anything and make something useful out of it. This last time I was in the desert I and with the beauty of the Internet, I started making jewelry in the middle of the Iraqi war, I think it kept me sane and kept my hands busy. The night time was the time that we in the combat hospitals "got busy", after the mortars were done and the wounded was taken care of, we would have a calming time and sometimes that time was the toughest to get through.

S to help me deal with the "calm after the storm", I would make things;
book marks, 550 cord bracelets and lanyards, bracelets, necklaces, and watch bands for all the staff and patients. It helped me and others to get though some really nasty times. During a mortar attach, we would be on the ground in full battle rattle, holding on to a rosary or pictures of our kids and or spouse hanging from the 550 cord lanyard that I made for them. It was quietly comforting, the mortars were loud, but it was quite in my heart and mind. Well, you may not be able to fully understand that and that is OK. I don't wish that your will ever have to know exactly what I'm talking about. Just know it helped.

When I set down to make something, I normally don't have a plan. I just sit down and make something, so I can really say; it's truly from the heart. If I don't like it, I remake it.

I'm very spiritually and I believe in all things. Making jewelry, especially my knotting is a form of meditation. In my jewelry you will see themes, such as the yin and the yang, color schemes based on the Charkra's, Christianity, Catholicism, Inspirational, Spiritual, Natural, and Mystical. I will make anything that is requested of me.

Truly From the Heart,
Blessed Be,
Major Paula Ann Vincent, US Army Nurse Corps"
Affordable Gifts, Rosaries, Beaded Book Marks & Much More

Thank you, Paula, for sharing with us, our thoughts are with you this New Year's Eve. If you would like to see more of Paula's fine handmade crafts, please visit her webpage.
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