Selling Crafts Online with Better Descriptions

You have invested your precious time in creating your crafts and you need to convey all that has gone into the treasure you have created. Here are some tips to make the most of your descriptions, some of these tips are for only and others will help you at any online selling venue!

1. Be detailed when describing your item, be sure to mention the materials you used, what the item can be used for, who would like to have it and any special instructions such as washing/drying or sizes. Tell a short story if applicable, why you made this craft, why it is special to you. You need to help the shopper feel some emotion to the item to help them convince themselves to move forward and buy the item. Maybe mention how they will feel if they become an owner of this items. For example: "You will feel beautiful when wearing this hand crafted pink scarf".

2. All you have are words, use them wisely! Use the same words you would use if you were showing your craft to a customer at a craft show. Use colorful words like pretty, handsome, stylish, trendy, etc. Use some words several times in your description. The are your "keyword phrases" also known as "tags". If you are selling a hand painted wine glass, then your description should include this phrase at least twice. Don't go crazy and list it more than 3 times, stay professional and don't go spammy.

3. For HC Members Only: Copy your short description into your long description box, then add more details. This way viewers can read the entire listing at one time.

I will add more as it comes along. Ask question here or email me -

Thanks for being part of the catalog!!!

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