Sell Handmade Crafts: Pricing Tips for Sellers

How Much To Charge?

Pricing your handmade goods for sale isn't an easy task. Your prices need to be in line with your competitors, yet cover your costs and retain profit. Many formulas are available to help you find the correct selling price and you should use them. Taking time to come up with the right price will allow you and your customer to be happy after the sale.

Today, however, I am not talking about covering costs and profits. Today is about a little retail secret that will help you sell a lot more of your handmade goods.

Why do gas prices always end in .9 ?

Bloomin' BBQ & Bluegrass May 2015 Sevierville Tennessee

The 11th Annual Bloomin’ Barbeque & Bluegrass Festival
May 22nd and 23rd , 2015 
Sevierville, TN.

This festival has it all! Admission is free and so are the concerts! They host multiple Barbecue competitions adult teams and for kids too! Plenty of live bluegrass music all weekend. 

And the best part is the Craft Show! 

If you love craft events with authentic crafts and unusual gifts this craft show is for you. Americana, primitives and lots of other crafts such as handmade jewelry, crocheted and knitted goods, wood crafts and more! 

So, if you live near or are traveling anywhere near Knoxville, Tennessee this would be great show to visit. Fine BBQ, Live Music and CRAFTS - sounds like a great weekend to me!

For more information visit their website at or on facebook at

Until next time,

Pam Wylie -

Life-Long Crafter and  Professional Internet Marketer, Pam Wylie has helped 100s of professional crafters  and artisans sell their handcrafted work online through her successful website, for over 10 years now. She also performs website design, SEO training and is a full-time, loving care-giver. Contact: 800-851-0183

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Villagefest - Palm Springs California - Weekly Craft Event

The Sexiest City in America Has a Crafty Side

Villagefest - Every Thursday Evening
Recently voted sexiest city, Palm Springs knows how to throw a craft fair!

If it's Thursday, get on over the Villagefest. This is a street fair that is about 5 blocks long and runs in the early evening. It is one the only events that is a year-long event in this area. The reason it is so popular is that early evenings are the best time of day out here. Granted, the wind is really bad sometimes, but otherwise the temperature doesn't drop until after midnight. Even in the winter, the temps are a comfy 60-70 degrees making this event the perfect evening stroll.

Not Hand Cuffs but Boot Cuffs

Boot Cuffs by Katiebird Lane
What are Boot Cuffs?

I'm glad you asked. Boot Cuffs are wonderful little fashion statements that peek out from the tops of your boots. They keep you a little warmer and look adorable. Boot cuffs are made to work with many different types of boots including ankle boots and knee high boots.

If you have a slim calf and boots aren't as tight at the top as you would like, a pair of boot cuffs will solve the problem.

Boot cuffs are sometimes called Boot Toppers and are usually crocheted or knitted. They are very affordable and you can easily make them yourself as hundreds of patterns are available on the web.

We offer many pre-made Boot Cuffs at and we take orders for custom colors and materials, such as Cashmere and Alpaca. Click here to shop for new, hand-crafted Boot Cuffs.