Tuesday, June 13, 2017

One is Not Enough - Sell More Crafts with Lots More Images

How many picture do you have of your handmade products? Start clicking that camera now.

Don't sell your product short. Have some confidence in what you've created and share the joy and passion you've put in this piece.

Wherever you are listing your products (like at HandmadeCatalog.com or Etsy) they will give you room for lots of product photos.

Do you make afghans or spice mixes? It doesn't matter really what the item is, just add photos of your item in different settings, outside in the sun, inside from a distance, up close, back and front, being worn, being used and it's okay to include some photos of yourself making the item.

Add more images and it will improve your chance of sale, one is never, ever enough!

The future of shopping is online, we all will miss the "ability to touch before we buy" but we are more comfortable with online shopping everyday.

So just jump in with both feet! Take and post as many photos of your items as you can. And those selfies just make things more personal, which is exactly what you want.

If this sounds like a extra work, it is but it is well worth it in the long run.

Not a good photographer? That excuse is on the way out. Learn the tricks you can do on your phone or camera and then use a free photo editor like picmonkey or canva to do the rest.

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Pam Wylie, Owner

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