Saturday, June 24, 2017

Nightmare Packaging - Caregivers and Patients Struggle

There are a million things I can gripe about being a full-time caregiver but this week I have one major gripe to discuss. I won't call it a rant and I won't disclose the manufacturer because that's not my goal.

My goal here is to address the packaging company they use. I am talking about a heart medication, a specific brand of blood thinner, that is advertised on tv frequently. It very widely used and taken twice a day.

This particular medicine is humidity-sensitive, as in you cannot keep them in the daily pill box like we use. For the past year this meant keep the pill bottle tightly capped and manually taking a capsule out at the appropriate time. A little pain the neck added to a tough day, oh well.

A new prescription arrived this week and it was in individual sealed blister packs. 

I cannot get these open to save a life, pun intended! I eventually resorted to a sharp knife to get the capsule out. The first time I almost cut myself, not knowing how much pressure to use and trying not to nick the capsule inside. 

There are instruction on the back in a very small font that reads "BEND AND PULL BACK". Simply not true, these just will not open up no matter how much you bend and pull. 

This is a terrible case of being disconnected with your consumer. You create packaging is difficult to open knowing full well the ones taking it twice a day have heart disease. And mostly they are older with arthritis in their hands. Really??

The last thing you want is for a person on blood thinners slicing his hand open simply trying to get his medicine opened. 

Maybe someone in the packaging industry will get it someday, fingers crossed. 

As dispensing medicine get more completed for us look for more posts on the medication challenges of care-giving and managing chronic disease.  

What's your opinion?

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