Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lake Havasu Winterfest 2007

Lake Havasu Winterfest February 10-11 2007

Winterfest is a fun filled 2-day street fair with plenty of vendors selling crafts, antiques, motorcycle accessories and more. This will be the 22nd Annual Winterfest. The tradition started 22 years ago as a way to welcome the city's Winter Visitors.

Lake Havasu City is famous for its warm winters and people come from near and far to bask in our winter sun. We know these visitors as Snow Birds. They are a large part of our city's economy and we are all happy to have them visit year after year.

Ever year at Winterfest, the local restaurants have several booths and offer sampling of their specialties. Some years it is really windy but this event still brings out the attendees. I would have to say at least a third of the town turned out last year, at least 10,000 people each day.

Last year there were many arts and crafts vendors, some were actually handcrafted but the majority of the jewelry and decor looked mass produced. We did find some very original things and lots of great food. If you go, be sure to try one of the Portuguese hot dogs, they are awesome.

I don't know if this vendor will be back, but we bought a kitchen tool from him that we use everyday. There is something for everyone at Winterfest. Hope to see you there!

22ND ANNUAL WINTERFEST FESTIVAL (928) 855-4115 Chamber of Commerce February 10-11 2007Upper McCulloch Blvd. Lake Havasu City AZ USA

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